Une mise à jour Synology est disponible, elle porte le numéro 1354.

Voici les nouveautés apportés dans ce firmware DSM 3.0-1354.

  1. Windows roaming user profiles is now supported to allow users to have a consistent desktop experience from any PC in a Windows environment.
  2. Surveillance Station supports 99 more IP camera models from Sony, Panasonic, Messoa, and other brands are now supported. View the complete list here.
  3. Support individual partition formatting on external hard drives.
  4. Enhanced the compatibility with CS5 Photoshop when saving the files via samba.
  5. PHP is upgraded to 5.3.3.
  6. Fixed the issue of uploaded files inheriting the ACL privilege from its parent folder.
  7. Fixed a potential memory issue may cause the system to halt.

Firmware DSM 3.0